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Inmate Details

General Info

Name Sex Race Birthdate Age Person ID Booking Height Weight Eyes
SILVA, JUSTIN JOSEPH M White 12/12/1984 32 34058 17-000543 6'00" 170 Brown


Arrest Date Arrest Time Agency Booking Date Booking Time
1/30/2017 4:18:00 AM KINGS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE 1/30/2017 6:18:08 AM


Charge Description Bail Classification Court Case #
422(a) PC Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize $0.00 Felony N/A
12022.1 PC Subj Released on Bail Commit New Offense $0.00 Felony N/A
368(b)(1) PC Cause Harm/Death-Elder/Dependent Adult $0.00 Felony N/A
207(a) PC Kidnapping $0.00 Felony N/A
594(b)(1) PC Vandalism, Damage $400+ $0.00 Felony N/A
591.5 PC Damage/Destroy any Wireless Com Device $0.00 Misdemeanor N/A
496(a) PC Receive Stolen Property; $950 or less $0.00 Misdemeanor N/A
459 PC F-1 Burglary:Felony 1st Degree $0.00 Felony N/A