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Inmate Details

General Info

Name Sex Race Birthdate Age Person ID Booking Height Weight Eyes
GUEVARA, LORENZO M Hispanic 7/5/1979 38 5459 17-003050 ' " 0


Arrest Date Arrest Time Agency Booking Date Booking Time
6/7/2017 6:10:00 PM AVENAL POLICE DEPARTMENT 6/7/2017 2:57:44 AM


Charge Description Bail Classification Court Case #
262(a)(1) PC Rape - Spouse by Force/Fear/Etc $2,275,000.00 Felony 17CM1626
261(a)(2) PC Rape - Force/Fear/Duress/etc $0.00 Felony N/A
261.5(c) PC Unlawful Sexual Intercourse w/minor:+3y $0.00 Felony N/A
261.5(d) PC Unlawful Sexual Intercourse W/Minor -16 $0.00 Felony N/A
422(a) PC Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize $0.00 Felony N/A
288(a) PC Lewd and Lascivious Act Upon Child $0.00 Felony N/A
288(c)(1) PC Lewd or Lascivious act w/child 14/15 $0.00 Felony N/A
288a(a) PC Oral Copulation $0.00 Felony N/A
288.5(a) PC Continuous Sex Abuse of Child $0.00 Felony N/A
286(a) PC Sodomy $0.00 Misdemeanor N/A
286(c)(1) PC Sodomy; Vict -14 yo and 10+ yrs younger $0.00 Felony N/A
286(c)(2)(c) PC Sodomy by Force/Viol/Fear Vic under 14 $0.00 Felony N/A
136.1(b)(1) PC Felony Intimidate Wit/Vic from Reporting $0.00 Felony N/A
288.7(a) PC Sodomy Victim Under 10 Years Old $0.00 Felony N/A
288a(c)(2)(c) PC Oral Cop w/person 14-17 yrs by force $0.00 Felony N/A
222 PC Give Drugs to Aid in Felony $0.00 Felony N/A