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Inmate Details

General Info

Name Sex Race Birthdate Age Person ID Booking Height Weight Eyes
CAMBEROS, MARIA ISABEL F Hispanic 5/30/1993 24 38700 17-004118 5'07" 200 Brown


Arrest Date Arrest Time Agency Booking Date Booking Time
8/6/2017 6:00:00 PM CORCORAN STATE PRISON 8/6/2017 8:23:30 PM


Charge Description Bail Classification Court Case #
182(a)(1) PC Conspiracy; Commit Crime $40,000.00 Felony 17CM2837B
4573(a) PC Bring Cont Subs into Prison/Jail/Etc $0.00 Felony N/A
4573.6 PC Possess Cont Subst in Prison/Jail $0.00 Felony N/A
4573.9(a) PC Non-Inmate Sell Cntl Subst to Prisoner $0.00 Felony N/A
11350(a)(1) H&S (Felony) Poss of Controlled Substances $0.00 Felony N/A
11351 H&S Cont Substance, Poss for Sales $0.00 Felony N/A
11352(a) H&S Cont Substance, Sales/Tran/etc $0.00 Felony N/A
11352.1(b) H&S Dispense Dangerous Drugs/Device etc. $0.00 Misdemeanor N/A
11379(a) H&S Trans/Sell/etc Cont Substance $0.00 Felony N/A
11360(a) H&S Marijuana, Sales/Furnish/Give $0.00 Felony N/A
11377(a) H&S (Felony) Poss Cntrl'd Subst w/priors $0.00 Felony N/A