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Inmate Details

General Info

Name Sex Race DOB Age Person # Booking # Height Weight Eyes
GONZALEZ, NATASHA NICOLE F Hispanic 03/04/1983 35 H1020265 18-003224 5'04" 150 Brown

Arrest Details

Arrest Date/Time Agency Booking Date/Time Scheduled Release Actual Release
6/15/2018 2:41:00 PM HANFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT 6/15/2018 4:16:12 PM N/A N/A

Charge Details

Charge Description Bail Classification Court Case #
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony $0 Felony 16CM-0077
10851(a) VC Unlawful Taking/Driving Vehicl $0 Felony N/A
23152(e) VC DUI - Drugs Only $0 Misdemeanor N/A
12022.1 PC Subj Released on Bail Commit New Offense $0 Felony N/A
666.5 PC Unlawful Taking of Vehicle w/Priors $0 Misdemeanor N/A
30305(a)(1) PC Prohibited Person Own/Poss Ammunition $0 Felony N/A
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony $0 Felony 15CM-9183A
530.5(a) PC Felony Theft and Unlawful Use of Personal Identification of Another $0 Felony N/A
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony $0 Felony 14CM0083HTA
470(a) PC Felony Forgery $0 Felony N/A
475(c) PC Felony Forg; Poss items/intnt defraud $0 Felony N/A
459 PC Burglary $0 Felony N/A
11378 H&S Poss of Cont Subst for Sales $0 Felony N/A
11377(a) H&S (Felony) Poss Cntrl'd Subst w/priors $0 Felony N/A
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony $0 Felony 14CM0524HTA
11360(a) H&S Marijuana, Sales/Furnish/Give $0 Felony N/A