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Inmate Details

General Info

Name Sex Race DOB Age Person # Booking # Height Weight Eyes
CORREA, CHRISTOPHER JEFF M Hispanic 01/13/1981 40 H1033781 19-007541 5'08" 330 Brown

Arrest Details

Arrest Date/Time Agency Booking Date/Time Scheduled Release Actual Release
12/12/2019 1:19:00 PM CORCORAN POLICE DEPARTMENT 12/12/2019 4:36:15 PM N/A N/A

Charge Details

Charge Description Bail Classification Court Case #
459 PC (F) 2ND DEGREE Burglary:Felony 2nd Degree $0 Felony N/A
470(a) PC (F) Forgery $0 Felony N/A
530.5(a) PC (F) Theft and Unlawful Use of Personal Identification of Another $0 Felony N/A
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony $1,000 Felony 18CM-3483
2800.2(a) VC (F) Evade P/O-Wanton Disregard for Safety $0 Felony N/A
2800.4 VC (F) Evade Peace Officer: Wrong Way $0 Felony N/A
148(a)(1) PC (M) Interfering with Police Ofcr $0 Misdemeanor N/A
594(b)(2)A PC Vandalism, Damage under $400 $0 Misdemeanor N/A
B/W-M Bench Warrant Misd. $1,000 Misdemeanor 18CM-0375A
11350(a)(1) H&S (M) Poss of Controlled Substances $0 Misdemeanor N/A
11364(a) HS Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use $0 Misdemeanor N/A
11377(a) H&S (M) Poss of Controlled Substance $0 Misdemeanor N/A
4140 BP Posses/Cntrl Hypod Needl/Syrng $0 Misdemeanor N/A
B/W-I Bench Warrant Inf. $0 Infraction 16TR-09333
12500(a) VC Unlicensed Driver $0 Misdemeanor N/A
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony $75,000 Felony 18CM-3012
459 PC (F) 1ST DEGREE Burglary:Felony 1st Degree $0 Felony N/A
166(a)(4) PC (M) Contempt of Court: Disobey Court Order $0 Misdemeanor N/A
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony $1,000 Felony 18CM-0276