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Inmate Details

General Info

Name Sex Race DOB Age Person # Booking # Height Weight Eyes
BLAIR, HOLLY EVELYN F Hispanic 02/11/1982 39 52686 19-004172 5'06" 200 Brown

Arrest Details

Arrest Date/Time Agency Booking Date/Time Scheduled Release Actual Release
7/7/2019 10:44:19 AM LEMOORE POLICE DEPARTMENT 7/6/2019 3:16:49 PM N/A N/A

Charge Details

Charge Description Bail Classification Court Case #
422(a) PC (F) Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize $0 Felony N/A
12022.1 PC Subj Released on Bail Commit New Offense $0 Felony N/A
243(e)(1) PC (M) Bat:Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc $0 Misdemeanor N/A
245(a)(1) PC (F) ADW - Not Firearm or w/GBI $195,000 Felony 19CM-2941
273a(b) PC Child Endanger; No Poss GBI/De $0 Misdemeanor N/A
148(a)(1) PC (M) Interfering with Police Ofcr $0 Misdemeanor N/A
2800.2(a) VC (F) Evade P/O-Wanton Disregard for Safety $0 Felony N/A
23103(b) VC Reckless Driving:Offstreet Parking Fac $0 Misdemeanor N/A
273.6(a) PC Viol of Dom Viol Court Orders $0 Misdemeanor N/A
664/422 PC Attempted Criminal Threats $160,000 Felony 19CM3155
136.1(a)(2) PC (F) Intimidate Witness/Victim, Att $0 Felony N/A
1368/1370 PC Mental Competency/State Hospital $0 Other 20M0044/20M0045
1368/1370 PC Mental Competency/State Hospital $0 Other 19M0156/19M0157