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Inmate Details

General Info

Name Sex Race DOB Age Person # Booking # Height Weight Eyes
DIVINS, MATTHEW ALEXANDER M White 09/15/2000 20 40690 21-000124 5'02" 120 Brown

Arrest Details

Arrest Date/Time Agency Booking Date/Time Scheduled Release Actual Release
1/12/2021 10:53:00 AM KINGS COUNTY JAIL TRANSPORT 1/12/2021 4:24:30 PM 6/21/2021 12:01:00 AM N/A

Charge Details

Charge Description Bail Classification Court Case #
11377(a) H&S (M) Poss of Controlled Substance $0 Misdemeanor 19CM-5639
21310 PC (F) Carry Concealed Dirk or Dagger $0 Felony 20CM-2848
11352(a) H&S Cont Substance, Sales/Tran/etc $0 Felony 19CMS-5017B
11379(a) H&S (F) Trans/Sell/etc Cont Substance $0 Felony N/A
25850(a) PC (F) Carry Loaded FA in Public:Specific Circu $0 Felony N/A